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St Paul, MN


California Institute of the Arts, 2001 – 2004. MFA in Experimental Animation
Minneapolis College of Art and Design, 1995-1999. BFA degree in Illustration / Animation

Work Experience:

2016 - present: Illustrator/Animator, Next Day Animations

2015, Bright Link Pro, Motion Graphics, Compositing – The Hive Studios
2015, Simple Nursing – Motion Graphics – Local Loop Marketing
2015, Epson Somos – Motion Graphics – The Hive Studios
2014 – 2015, Enlightened Lights – Motion Graphics – Local Loop Marketing
2014, Vagrancy Theater Company – Motion Graphics, Animation, Projections
2014, The Aspen Institute – Titles, Motion Graphics, The Hive Studios
2014, Epson 3LCD – Titles, motion graphics – The Hive Studios
2013, Epson Omnilink – Motion Graphics – The Hive Studios
2013, Link Global “Danny From North Korea” – Animator – Digital Twiggs Studio
2013, On Cue Network – Motion Graphics, Title Design – The Hive Studios
2013, Deion Sander’s Primezone Sports – Title Design, Motion Graphics
2013, Alright TV – Motion Graphics – The Hive Studios
2012-2013, Prop Design, Cleanup Artist – “Bravest Warriors” Frederator Studios
2012, Motion Graphics – Epson/Manchester United Commercials – The Hive Studios
2012, Motion Graphics – “Crysis 3” promos – Zoic Studios
2012, Animatic, Motion Graphics – “Infinity Blade II” trailer – Zoic Studios
2012, Animation, VFX – “Songs of Bilitis” and “D is for Dog” – Rogue Artists Ensemble
2011, Motion Graphics, Animation, Illustration for The Hive Studios
2011, Motion Graphics and Compositing for Zoic Studios.
2010, Motion Graphics, Animation “Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8” – Fox Studios
2009, Motion Graphics, Animation – “Light To All Nations” LTAN Productions
2009, Storyboard Artist “Baby Einsteins” CDA Productions
2008, Storyboard Revisions, Prop Design, Clean Up Artist “Leapfrog” CDA Productions
2008, Motion Graphics, Animation, Storyboards – “Strange Rituals” – Incubator Studios
2007, Storyboard Artist, Tempered Entertainment
2007, Storyboard Revisions – “Danger Rangers” – Educational Adventures
2006, Storyboard Artist, “Bugaboo” Baby Stroller Commercial
2006, Storyboard Artist, “Where’s The Bears” – Hi-Test Productions
2005, Storyboard Artist, “Nascar” spot for FX Channel
2005, Character Designer, Animator – “JellyBelly” – Commercial.
2004, Compositor, Animator, “The Green Screen Show” episode “Good And Evil”.
2004, Storyboard Artist, “Zombie Prom” Motion Picture.
2003, Internship, Storyboard Revisions, Props, Cleanup Artist – “He Man and the
Masters of the Universe” – Mike Young Productions.
2000-2001, Web Design, Web Promotion, Illustration, Flash Animator – PR Productions

Screenings and Exhibitions:

Animation Attack Film Festival,2007
Microcinefest Film Festival,2006
Denver Underground Film Festival,2006
Melbourne Underground Film Festival,2006
Michigan Cinema Slam Showcase,2006
Ion International Festival of Animation,2005
Port City Animation Festival,2005
Fantoche International Animation Festival ,2005
Antimatter Festival of Underground Short Film and Video, 2003
Microcinefest Film Festival, 2003
Antimatter Festival of Underground Short Film and Video, 2001
Antimatter Festival of Underground Short Film and Video, 2000
Film First Friday Animation Show, Intermedia Arts Gallery, 2000
Offline Networks, Episode 76 , 2000
Film First Friday Animation Show, Intermedia Arts Gallery, 2000

Selected Specialized Skills:

Motion Graphics, Storyboards, 2-D Animation, Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere.


References available upon request.

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